True Balance

Restore your roots for more resilience
True Balance Retreat
Our 4 day all-inclusive retreat will guide you in creating you unique path to health and resilience. Get energized and inspired by experiencing what it is like to feel good - physically, nutritionally and emotionally. Take this energy back into your daily life.
Sep 27, 2019, 3:00 PM – Sep 30, 2019, 2:30 PM















True Balance Team

Between the four of us we've got a healthy lot of qualifications and

over 40 years experience of working with people, their bodies, emotions and physical health.

We've managed chronic health conditions in our practices and in our families, and had our own health challenges alongside running our own businesses, studying and educating ourselves.


We've learnt a lot along the way and we understand the path to health isn't always a straight one.

Birgit Boislard

Birgit is the creator of

True Balance Retreats.

As a functional and

orthomolecular nutritionist and health coach, she is passionate about using nourrishing food, nature's treasures and body-mind connection in her practice, to guide her clients in an therapeutic partnership to optimum health.


Restoring function and getting to the roots of wellbeing is key in her approach. 


She believes that food can be the foundation of health and body-ecology and loves to give her clients simple tools to inspire lasting change. 

Robyn Spens

Robyn is recognised as a leading nutritional practitioner and Rapid Transformation therapist.


She combines experience with the unique combination of results oriented Rapid Transformation hypnotherapy, Functional nutrition and practical coaching techniques.


She is an empathic communicator and understands how the power of the brain and the words we tell ourselves have immense impact on our behaviour and our health.

Nathalie Nemeth-Defago

Nathalie is a native of the beautiful mountain area which we chose to host our True Balance Retreats.


Spending most of her time in nature since she was little, it was always a source of inspiration and fascination for her.


She inspires her clients as a mountain guide and herbalist, helping them to discover the secret places in nature and the health benefits of plants. Sharing her passion with simplicity and joy, she will be your guide in exploring your own roots in the wilderness around us. 

Vanessa Piazza

Vanessa is an acupuncturist and international teacher of restorative body movement techniques such as qigong, taijiquan and yoga. 

She studied the effects of energetic exercises and nature on health in universities in Paris and is passionate by research on mind-body health, and has been honored to present those techniques in international congresses in India.

She will help you to awake your inner self healing force through simple exercices in nature and share her practices to maintain good health in your daily life. 



Please feel free to contact me by phone or email. Or alternatively fill in the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

PHONE NUMBER: +41-79-368 62 01

What True Balance is all about

Our retreat is designed for women that need a little space for themselves, to rest and restore and find their direction for nutrition, movement and lifestyle.


Reconnection with nature is one of the cornerstones of our retreat, functional nutrition and restorative movement are two essential components

and deep relaxation techniques will be the 4th element of True Balance Retreats.

As we designed True Balance, we wanted it to be different from

other retreats, without the complicated diets,

 that you'll never be able to keep up, when you go home.

We wanted to create a retreat we would love to attend ourselves!

All meals have been designed to balance blood sugar, support digestion and remove the most common food triggers which can make us feel unwell. Menus are created with our onsite cooking crew and our chef, based on the principles of functional nutrition,

to put your body at ease, create hormonal balance, optimize brain function, detoxify and loose extra weight. Our nutritionists will have the pleasure to share your meals and there will be lots of space for asking questions on how to implement your personal food and wellbeing plan in your daily life. 

You'll take home simple techniques to instaure in your daily routine,

and our True Balance toolkit will help you to inspire lasting change. 









We'll spend much time in the beautiful outdoors in your company around our Eco Hotel, reconnecting to nature. Daily meditative walks will fill

you with the healing energies of the forest and the mountains,

rooting your own energy back to this source. 


Faithful to our systemic approach, we have included body and soul care,

for you to be able to take home exactely what you need to thrive and be well.

Find out what it's like to feel balanced, vibrant and truly alive.

   During our 4 day retreat in the beautiful Swiss mountains, breathing clean air, at our nature centered location with its nature pool and organic cooking,

you will discover what your body's ecology really needs for more resilience,

based on the homeodynamics of optimal health.

Your personal plan and toolbox from our retreat can be completed with your functional health and lifestyle assessment,

offered a special participant rate with Birgit or Robyn, 

to constantly help your body and soul evolve

and face the imbalances of work and life environment.

Our retreats are designed exclusively for women by choice,

for a deeper group experience and understanding. 

Get a glimpse

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15 minutes strategy call

Are we the right choice for you?

Thank you for your interest in our retreat. Why not book a 15 minutes call with our program director to find out if we are the right retreat for you, if we imbody the values you are looking for and if this is the right time in your life to revisit your personal ecosystem/body ecology.

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